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Post-press is everything that takes place after your pages have been printed on parent sheets – and it turns out that “everything” is quite a bit! Books are folded, cut, and bound into your final project before they are ready to be shipped to your front doorstep. For the prepress of board and card games, cards get trimmed, smoothed, and rounded; game boxes are printed and constructed, and then all the components are assembled and packaged to create your final product. That’s a lot of things that happen once the printing process is done! Similar action needs to take place for all of our Domestically produced products, but due to the different styles of production, the finishing is either slightly, or completely different.

The following articles will teach you more about just what happens in post-press. You’ll learn about folding signatures, collation sorting, and cover paper finishing. You’ll also learn about on-site quality assurance, book drying methods, and card game production. Read on to become a post-press pro! Of course, if you have any more questions about the post-press process, feel free to contact us — we’re always happy to take questions about what happens after the prepress and press stages of your printed project’s life, but before you receive your final product.

Post-Press Chapters:

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