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Hole Drilling Reference Image Setup Guide

You have two options when it comes to providing direction on the hole punch placement:

  1. You can email your Account Manager directly with instructions on placement and your chosen hole punch diameter.
  2. You can provide a reference image.

If you would prefer to provide a reference image, please follow the below setup guide instructions.

Reference Image File Setup

Follow the below instructions when setting up your artwork in your chosen design program.

Page Count = 1

Document Size = quoted trim size

Margin = 0.25” on all four sides. Remember, the hole punch needs to be within this margin.

What Do We Need?

Essentially, we just need a JPEG/PDF/TIFF image showing the intended placement of the hole punch/punches on the FRONT COVER. For example: If you would like one hole punch at the top of the front cover, we would need an image showing a circle shape at the top the of the printed front cover artwork – the circle shape would indicate the hole punch.

File Export Settings

Adobe InDesign – Follow the “Export Settings” as highlighted on this page.

Adobe Illustrator –  Follow the “Export Settings” as highlighted on this page.

Adobe Photoshop –  Follow the “Export Settings” as highlighted on this page.

More Information

You can find more information here for this add-on.