We love printing with you, whether it’s your first or 100th time working with us. Getting your project printed with PrintNinja is a hands-on relationship where we don’t simply push your order through a pipeline. You’ll get a dedicated account manager and a prepress manager who will both work with you to gets all the details of your files and logistics just right.  As a result, we’ve seen creators come back to us year after year with either a reprint of their older projects or brand new orders. We’re always thrilled to nurture our Ninja family and are always eager to recruit new Ninjas to the team. We want to do all we can to help independent creators succeed. So, in addition to our already low prices and exceptionally high quality, we’ve also developed industry-leading incentive programs and promotions. We offer 3 distinct promotional programs for our valued returning customers and benefits for brand new ninjas. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

Loyalty Program

We’ve taken our existing “Returning Customer Discount” and expanded it to offer our customers even more! Return customers currently receive a 2% discount on production and add-on costs on their second order and all future orders. That 2% off is just the icing on the cake of our already competitive prices. PrintNinja was early in the game delivering cost transparent instant price calculators that provide real pricing for creators in seconds. We removed the hassle of having to go through several exchanges with a salesperson. It’s an honor to have your business year after year, and we want to keep you in the family as long as we can. The Loyalty Program is designed to do just that. Each year you come back and place a new order, you’ll receive higher and higher discounts: for example, a returning customer in 2020 may receive a 2% discount on their orders and in 2021 may receive a 4% discount on their orders. The percentages rise every year from 2%>4%>5%>7%, with the 7% discount being the cap.

The Loyalty Program discount can be used in combination with The Kickstarter Promotion or the Friend of the Ninja Program. (Remember Kickstarter and Friend cannot be used together). It can also be used in tandem with any referral bonuses.

For a video breakdown of our our Returning Customer Discount, please check out the visual guide below:

Friend of the Ninja Program

This new program asks our customers to place a PrintNinja logo of their choosing inside their book or on their project in exchange for free additional order copies. Everyone wins — we get extra exposure and you get free books or games! As thanks for placing our logo in/on their project, customers will be offered a 5% extra overrun on a current or future project.* See the logos you can choose from here.

This offer CANNOT be used in combination with the Kickstarter Promotion. The Friend of the Ninja program can be used with the Loyalty Program as well as the Referral Program.

Note: PrintNinja reserves the right to refuse this promotion and use of the PrintNinja logo based on the content therein. Content that is against our terms of service will generally be declined for use with this program.

*5% overruns cap at 250 units

Referral Program

The Referral Program rewards existing customers who recommend PrintNinja to other creators. We know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. As an existing PrintNinja customer, if you recommend our services to a new potential customer and they in turn place an order we want to offer a generous reward. Let us know the name of the person you are referring via email, then let your friend know to get in touch with us too! Be sure to tell them to drop your name so you can get your benefit!

In exchange for referring a new customer to PrintNinja, you may choose from one of two options: A $250.00 discount on a current or future order OR an extra 10% overrun of copies on a current or future order. Both options can stack. (For example, If an existing customer referred 10 new customers to PrintNinja, they would receive a $2500.00 discount or 100% extra overrun conceivably. Just remember that new customers must place an order for a printing project before either reward is applied).

Referred PrintNinja customers can choose from one of two rewards: An extra 5% overrun or a FREE Hard Copy Proof ($250 value for book projects, $350 value for board books, and $450 value for card games or card proofs on a board game. This promotion does not include extra press sheets or specialty options on the proof. Anything extra added to the proof must be paid for in addition to the base price discount.)

The Referral Program can be used alongside the Loyalty Program, our Kickstarter Promotion, or The Friend of the Ninja Program. (Note that we can’t honor the Friend of the Ninja Program and Kickstarter Promotion together, while a customer is already participating in the Referral Program.)

Programs Terms & Conditions

PrintNinja reserves the right to apply Terms & Conditions to all Loyalty, Promotional, Benefit, and Referral programs. 

Loyalty Program – Participants in the Loyalty Program must be a returning customer. Returning customer is defined as any customer that is not placing their first or initial order with PrintNinja. All orders that are not the first or initial order are eligible for the returning customer or “Loyalty” discount. The discount begins at the start of the calendar year (January 1st). The discount starts at 2% off of production and add-on costs. The discount is not applied to shipping costs, hard copy proofing costs, or any assembly costs. At the beginning of the next calendar year, the discount increases to 4%, then 5%, and is capped at 7% (year after year). If an order is not placed within a calendar year, the discount tier does not skip but you can still be eligible for the next discount tier. The loyalty program can be used in conjunction with: The Kickstarter Promotion, The Friend Of The Ninja Program, and the Referral Program. 

The Friend Of The Ninja Program – Any PrintNinja Customer can participate in “The Friend Of The Ninja” program, including returning or first-time customers. Verification by our prepress and management staff will be required. The PrintNinja Logo must be included in or on the project’s art files at the time of approval for production in order to apply the benefits of the promotion. 

Referral Program – Any PrintNinja Customer can participate in the “Referral Program”, including returning or first-time customers. Verification is necessary in order for the benefits of the program to be disbursed to both the Refer-er and the new Referral Customer. The new Referral Customer must note the “Refer-er” by Account Name or by PRN Job Number via email or phone when contacting PrintNinja about the benefits of the program. The “Refer-er” must also confirm the new referral’s Name by email or phone in order to receive the benefits of the program. This will need to be verified by a PrintNinja Account Manager in order to be applied to an account and or Job. 

Terms & Conditions are subject to change as seen necessary by PrintNinja.