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Freight Forwarding Quote

For very large or heavy orders, PrintNinja can often decrease your shipping cost by using our network of third party freight forwarders.

Shipping Weight as Seen on our Calculator

How To Request A Freight Quote

You can request a freight quote through our online calculator. Once you input all the information for your project and calculate your shipping cost you will see an estimated shipping weight, as seen to the right. If the weight is higher than 2500 lbs the calculator will provide a freight forwarding option. If your weight is lower then 2500lbs, our standard or expedited shipping is perfect for your project.

PrintNinja Tip
Freight quotes take us approximately 1 week to price.

What’s The Difference?

Our ‘standard’ shipping option goes via an ocean shipping pathway provided by UPS.  All of our standard orders come in to the USA through our port in California and then are split out and shipped to you via UPS Ground and UPS LTL services.

However, with heavier or larger orders (typically over 2 cubic meters in size or 2500lbs in weight), it can be much more cost-effective to use a company known as a freight forwarder that will choose the most efficient combination of ocean, truck, and rail to get your shipment directly to you from the factory in China.

Because the route taken will vary widely depending on the size of the order and the destination, all freight forwarding quotes must be custom quoted.

The Downsides:

  • Freight forwarding typically takes an extra week to arrive compared to our standard shipping option.
  • There are no tracking numbers available with a freight forwarding company as there are with UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

The Upsides:

  • Make no mistake, once your order gets above 2 cubic meters in size, we can save you a lot of money by using our freight forwarding network. Almost all of our very large orders use this option.

See if your order weighs more than 2500 lbs.

When you configure your project on our calculator, you may see a warning on our shipping page indicating that your project requires a custom shipping quote. If so, you can still save your printing quote, but we will follow up about a custom quote for freight forwarding.

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