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Aqueous Coating

What is aqueous coating?


Aqueous Coating

Varnishes work great for playing cards, comics, catalog mailers, and all sorts of other saddle-stitched projects, but any product that warrants frequent use will be much more susceptible to scratches and scuffs. That’s why we offer aqueous coating, for those projects that need a little extra protection. It also provides a very particular textural feel – kinda like velvet. If you’re interested in having a really unique texture to your project, this coating might be the right finish for you. Please note that aqueous coating is only available on orders over 500 units printed through our international offset printing service.

Applying an aqueous coating will help protect your cover against the signs of every day wear-and-tear, keeping your items looking just as good as when they first came out of the box. It also seals in the ink on the paper for extra preservation from air exposure, which is an important design consideration for collectible items like limited-run comics or exclusive card game expansion packs.


Request pricing for this add-on while locking in your price on our quoting calculator. We’ll reach out to you with a custom quote (or questions) within several business days of receiving your request. We can also talk with you about whether we think aqueous coating is the right type of finish for your product.

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