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Anti-Scratch and Soft Touch Matte Lamination

Learn more about our anti-scratch printing option and figure out if it’s right for your project.

Anti Scratch Book Cover Lamination

While many creators prefer the subtle look of a matte finish, one downside is that it tends to show marks more easily than a gloss finish does – especially on large areas of solid color. To avoid this, you can use an anti-scratch matte lamination in place of our standard matte lamination, keeping scratches and scuffs from affecting the aesthetic of your covers or the pages of your board book. We also have a soft touch matte lamination available, which provides the same protection that anti-scratch does while also adding some extra tactility. As the name implies, it feels “soft” and extra smooth.

Please see the below image comparison of “Anti-Scratch Matte” lamination vs. basic “Matte” lamination:

Antivis Reg
You can see aesthetically there is not much difference between the two – but be assured, the “anti-scratch” option offers more protection.

Anti-scratch matte lamination is also a great choice for custom games, especially for game boards, since they tend to see more action than a typical book does.

Pricing for Anti-Scratch Printing Option

Please Note: The costs below are for standard book projects. Board Books and Custom Games may require custom pricing.

International Offset Book Pricing

$.30 per unit for orders over 700 units.
$200 standard cost for orders under 700 units.

**Pricing for these options on domestic orders will differ from that of our International Offset pricing listed above**

List this item in our add-on box while locking in your price on our calculator. We will get back to you with a quote within 1 business day of receiving your request.

Not sure if this option is right for you? Feel free to contact us – one of our friendly customer service ninjas can help you determine if our anti-scratch printing option is the right choice for your project.

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