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Electronic Proofing

Once we’ve received your files, the next step is to move on to electronic proofing. We provide electronic proofing to all of our customers for free, and all projects go through the process, even if you’ve added hard copy proofing as well. When you receive your electronic proof via email, you may have suggestions from your prepress expert for changes that should be made to your files before sending them into production. You’ll also notice that printer’s marks have been added to your files. These are special marks to indicate different elements such as trim, bleed, and center.

To view your proof, you’ll be directed to an interface that looks like the one pictured below:

Electronic Proof Approval Button

Once your files are ready to go to press, you can approve the proof through the link sent to you. If you click the “Approve” button please know that you will no longer be able to see your electronic proof. If you want to make changes later you can contact your prepress rep. However, production usually starts within a day or two after your approval, so if you need to make changes let your prepress rep know immediately.

If you’re using electronic proofing, your approval serves as an agreement between you and us as the standard for your final product. If you’re using hard copy proofing, then your approval means we’ll proceed to making your hard copy proof. However, it’s important to remember that electronic proofs do not show you how your colors will turn out. For a more accurate indication of how your colors will look when printed offset, we recommend adding hard copy proofing to your order.

Depending on your project specs, you may consider ordering a single unit from our digital-offset print service. Keep in mind that products printed domestically will not be reflective of a final product printed through offset printing. Materials, finishes, and binding techniques are completely different between the two print services so it cannot serve as a one-to-one comparison.

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