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Dice Side & Face Types

Interested in what types of dice side and face type options? Read on to find out how to create the dice of your dreams.

Dice Sides D4 D6 D8 D10 D12 D20

Number of Sides

Traditionally dice are cube shaped, but depending on how many sides you would like your die to have it may form a specialized triangle or sphere. The dice is referred to by the number of sides it shows, i.e. a dice with 6 sides is called a 6-sided die or d6. We have 6 available dice side options:

  • d4
  • d6
  • d8
  • d10
  • d12
  • d20

If you need a different sided die please request that on our board game request form’s additional notes box, but please note there will likely be a high minimum order quantity.

Dice Face Types Pips, Spindown, Number Faces, Engraved, Silkscreen

Dice Face Types

  • Standard pips (6-sided Die only)
  • Standard number faces
  • Spindown (20-sided only)
  • Custom Engraved
  • Custom silkscreen

Dice with Pip Faces

The standard face type is know as pips, the pattern of round dots that make up a number. However, pips can only be used on 6-sided die. For the simple reason, if your die’s number is larger then six, there won’t be enough room for the pips to fit.

Your dice don’t have to be black and white. With pips you can choose the face color as well as the pip color.

Dice with Standard Number Faces

The next options is a standard number of faces, sides that have the number appear as a digit i.e. “4” or “10”. This options works for any sided die.

Spindown Dice Face

A spindown face is only available with 20-sided dice. This is not the same has having a 20-sided standard face dice. The difference?

Numbers on a standard die will be laid out so opposite sides will always add up to equal the highest die number plus 1. For example, any two d6 opposite sides equal 7 and any two d20 opposite sides equal 21.

This rule does not apply to spindowns. Spindowns are laid out so the numbers are in sequence order and thus the die “spins” down from 20 to 1. This is most popularly seen with Magic: The Gathering life counter dice.

Custom Dice Sides

If the purpose of your dice has nothing to do with generating a random number then custom faces are for you. We can engrave or silkscreen your designs onto the face of your dice. Of course, images that have a simple design are much easier to read and make a better impact.

Note that custom engraved dice and silkscreened dice have special requirements and minimum order quantities. For example, we are only able to engrave or silkscreen on 6 sided dice and the image must be vector based. Custom engraved dice require a 1,000 unit MOQ and silkscreened dice require a 5,000 unit Minimum Order Quantity.


If your game works best with D6 (6-sided dice) then you can specialize your dice further by selecting rounded or squared corners. These style options don’t affect roll variability, this is strictly a design decision. However, if you have messy kids, rounded corners hurt less to step on!

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