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Dice Material Options

Interested in our dice material options? Read on to find out about what we offer.

Dice Material Wooden, Resin, Transparent, Glitter

We have four available dice materials.

  • Wood
  • Opaque Resin
  • Transparent Resin
  • Transparent Glitter Resin

Wooden Dice

Our wooden dice can have square corners or be rounded off for a longer roll. You can keep them in the natural wood appearance or you can choose to color the wooden face.

Opaque Resin

Resin is the standard material dice are made out of. This is the most popular material for dice and is found in most of your favorite games.

Opaque resin is a solid color without any transparency. You may choose from a number of face colors as well as pip colors.

Transparent Resin

Transparent resin gives your dice colors a neon glow effect. Typically the face values will be white for any color unless your die is clear then black is the suggested pip, number or symbol color.

Transparent Glitter Resin

The glitter takes away some of the transparency, but the bright color remains.

With all these dice material options, you’ll be able to create the dice of your dreams.

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