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Printing Industry Standards

PrintNinja Printing Book and Game Industry Standards

If you want to be able to sell your book or game printing project in stores, you’ll want to learn about industry standards.

Maybe you rush to your local comic store every Wednesday to pick up the latest releases and wish you could print your own comic that wouldn’t look out of place next to a DC or Marvel one. Maybe you’ve been collecting every volume of One Piece since the beginning and now you want to make a series with that authentic manga feel. Or maybe you and your friends get together to play a game every Friday night and you’re eager to create a new addition to the rotation.

Whatever your passion, PrintNinja is here to help you choose the best printing options for your project. The links below and in our Resource Center’s “Industry Standards” section walk you through dimensions, paper weights, and binding types that are considered “common” or “standard.” They can give you a solid starting point in your research or they can act as a guideline for you to break away from as you see fit!

Printing Industry Standards by Genre

Select a genre to see the most commonly used size, material and binding.

Modern single issue comics