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Press Check

What is a press check?

Most offset printing presses function similarly, but the quality of the final product depends on a number of factors – perhaps most importantly, a certified team of press operators and quality control specialists. Most printing facilities will have a Quality Assurance department responsible for inspecting all printed parent sheets during the press run, monitoring the final product for defects, and flagging any issues early on in order to deter waste.

On-Site Press Check

Quality Press Check

There are many quality control checkpoints throughout the entire process, from file and production prepress to printing and binding. Perhaps the most vital is checking parent sheets as they’re coming off of the press.

Press operators will randomly cross-reference printed sheets with a previously printed proof to confirm color accuracy, making sure that quality stays high throughout the entire print run and that the colors and registration aren’t drifting away from where they need to be as the run progresses.

Game Quality Control

Printed game pieces (game boards, cards, tokens, etc.) follow the same quality control measures as books, from prepress to pulling printed sheets off the press.

Card game assembly has a few extra steps to ensure consistency. Operators will insert blank pages in between the full printed card game sheets. When blank cards appear, this signals to operators that the deck they are assembling is ending and a new deck is starting. Each deck, once assembled in its packaging, is then weighed to make sure a card is not missing — or, vice versa, that there’s no extra card.

Game pieces we use have passed safety tests. However, if you need paperwork to present to a retailer or distributor that proves your game is safe to sell, then you’ll have to re-run the safety test on your specific game as a whole.

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