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Shrink Wrap

What type of shrink wrap packaging does PrintNinja offer?

Shrink Wrapped Comic Foil Stamping

Shrink Wrapped Comic Foil Stamping

Shrink wrap is commonly used to stabilize products, unitize them, keep them clean or add tamper resistance. A lot of creators shrink wrap their comics for easy transportation to and from cons while keeping their product sanitary and adding mystery for the reader who wants to know what is inside.

Board and card games are very popular items to shrink wrap as they have many pieces that are critical to the game’s play. For the purpose of easy opening, we offer shrinkwrap that includes a pull tab, allowing the player to unravel your game’s shrinkwrap in one pull.

PrintNinja can shrink wrap any size book or board game and does so after assembling all components inside of your board or card game.

If you are planning to use a warehouse and fulfillment service we recommend shrink wrapping your product to avoid warehouse gunk damaging your project.

Shrink Wrap Packaging Pricing

$100 startup.
Plus: 25 cents per unit for projects 8.5 inches x 11 inches and smaller.
Plus: 35 cents per unit for larger projects.

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