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Added Stickers

Have a children’s activity book that needs to include stickers? Have limited edition art that you would like to include with your graphic novel in sticker format? We can do that!


Manufacturing Considerations

  1. We cannot produce sticker sheets ONLY. They can only be printed in addition to a book/game project.
  2. The minimum recommended size for a sticker sheet is 4” x 4”.
  3. Individual die cut stickers are an option, though the shape and size will need to be approved by us during quoting.
  4. The standard printing stock for sticker sheets will be about 55lb (not including base paper). If you would like a different stock, you will need to connect with your Account Manager to see if it’s something we can supply for your project.
  5. Be mindful of the sheet size. Remember! For game projects, the packaging will be calculated around the largest lay flat component. So if you want your sticker sheet to be 5” x 5” but your cards and accordion are 2.5” x 3.5”, the box will be sized for the sticker sheet as it is the largest lay flat component.
  6. If you would like a sticker sheet bound into your printed project, be mindful that the placement of the sheet will be determined by your specs. So where you intend for the sheet to be may not be possible given manufacturing requirements. The best path forward here would be to finalize your specs and reach out to your Account Manager to find out where the sticker sheet can be bound in the book.
  7. Laminations, Spot UV, Metallic Ink/Spot Color, and Foil Stamping can be added to sticker sheets! You will need to connect with your Account Manager during quoting to get any of these options added to your quote.
  8. FOR BOOK PROJECTS: If you are choosing to include the sheet as a separate component (not bound into the book), it is highly recommended to shrinkwrap the bound book and sheet together.


This is a custom add-on so to get pricing on this feature you will need to save a quote and reach out to your Account Manager with the PRN# asking for this feature to be added to your quote.

Artwork Setup Guide

You can find the setup guide here for added sticker sheets.