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Spot Color

Learn more about spot color for games and find out if it’s the right option for your project.

PrintNinja Custom Card Board Game Pantone Spot Color

The only way to guarantee 100% accuracy for a specific color in offset printing is to use spot color. The ink color is mixed separately by hand and applied to the finished document via the offset press using a separate printing plate. The most common way to specify a spot color for use is the Pantone Matching System, which identifies colors through a number, such as ‘PMS 165’, which is a burnt orange color.

Spot colors can also be used to apply specialty inks like metallic colors, neon colors, or glow-in-the-dark ink. Please note that spot color is only available on international offset printed orders over 500 units.

The book to utilize when selecting your color is the PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated (or Uncoated if the stock is uncoated)”. It’s important to note that we have a limited standard color selection for metallic inks, neon inks, and pastel inks. You can see the standard metallic ink color selections on this page here. Below are the standard offerings we have for neon and pastel inks:


  • PMS Yellow 0131
  • PMS Red 0331
  • PMS Magenta 0521
  • PMS Violet 0631
  • PMS Blue 0821
  • PMS Green 0921
  • PMS Black 0961


  • PMS 801 – Neon Blue
  • PMS 802 – Neon Green
  • PMS 803 – Neon Yellow
  • PMS 804 – Neon Orange
  • PMS 805 – Neon Red
  • PMS 806 – Neon Pink
  • PMS 807 – Neon Violet

If you would like a neon or pastel ink outside of our above standard offerings, you will need to reach out to Customer Service or your Account Manager to make sure we can apply your unique color. Be prepared to send along the Pantone PMS color.

This specialty option is available with:

  • Cards
  • Game Box
  • Game Board
  • Tokens
  • Tiles
  • Screens
  • Instruction Booklets

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