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Calculator Quote

Our online instant quote calculator is the best way for you to get a quote for your project. Our PrintNinja IT team built this calculator in-house, which gives us the power to improve upon it constantly. We are always working on ways to add more specialty options and create a better user experience. It can handle all basic book options and a handful of specialty options. To get started you will find the “Get A Quote” button in the upper right hand corner of our website.

Example of our Get A Quote button

How To Use Our Calculator

Once on our calculator page you can fill in your project needs from top to bottom. There are 6 sections: binding, size, cover, inside pages, quantity, and proofing. When all 6 sections are filled in, this is the big moment, you may select the “Calculate” button at the bottom of the page. You will be directed back to the top where you will find your product cost in the right hand sidebar, as seen below. You can use the calculator as many times and for as many options as you would like, so don’t be shy.

Product Price Instant Calculator Example

We encourage you to play around and see how different options affect your price. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Double check your specs and make sure you have an understanding of the material you’ve selected.

Shipping Calculation

Under the product price you will see a shipping price section. Currently the calculator can handle shipping cost for any packages sent to the United States and Canada*. Fill in your zip or postal code and select the “calculate shipping” button. If the final destination is in another country you can select the appropriate location from the dropdown menu to alert us that we need to provide you with a custom shipping quote.

*With the door-to-door calculated price to Canada, you will notice a 6% import fee, this includes all duties and taxes.

Shipping Expedited and Standard Option on our Calculator

The “calculate shipping” button will unveil a standard and expedited shipping section, as seen above. If you want standard shipping then click the bubble before “Standard”. If you would like to see a price for expedited shipping then fill in the blank box with the number of books you would like expedited. Click “submit” and select the bubble to see the price added to your total, as seen below.

Grand Total as it Appears on our Calculator

This is your grand total. You will also see a break down of cost showing how much of your grand total is shipping and in this case a 10% sales tax, since the order is being shipped to Illinois. Once you have a price you are happy with we suggest clicking the “Lock in this Price for 90 days” button. Due to price fluctuation, it’s common that cost can shift on a monthly basis.

If you are raring to go you can select, “Place your order online now” and then celebrate!

Specialty Add-ons Form on our Calculator

Specialty Add-ons box

Adding Specialty Options

We have a handful of specialty options programed into the calculator, but there are many options whose cost depends on your order size. If you want to add a specialty option that is not visible on the calculator, you can do so by clicking on the “Lock in this Price for 90 days”, that will display a red box, as seen to the right. Fill in the “Specialty Add-ons” text box to your heart’s content!

No Clue What To Select?

If you are struggling to choose material, sizes, paper weights then click on the learn more links. They will provide unlimited information on each specific option. We also suggest visiting our Industry Standards page to view a list of sample material and sizes that you would find in your local book or comic store.

Sample Packs

Our last recommendation is to order one of our standard sample packs by visiting our standard sample pack page. We also offer our deluxe sample pack if you have specific samples that you would like to see.

If An Option Isn’t Appearing

9 out of 10 times if an option isn’t appearing it’s because the combination you are selecting isn’t possible. For example, 10 pt. paper is not an interior option on the calculator unless you have spiral or wire binding selected. The calculator is wise, trust the calculator.

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