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Organizing Inserts

This article will introduce you to the custom board game organizers that PrintNinja offers.

Board Game Organizing Inserts Vacuum Formed Plastic

Board Game Organizing Inserts Vacuum Formed Plastic

Organizing inserts are made to fit inside your two-piece box for the best board game storage solution. This add-on is simple but has a big impact on helping players clean up easily and keep track of all their game pieces, so their favorite game will always be fully stocked and ready to play.

Plastic Organizers

If your game has many pieces, our vacuumed formed plastic trays are perfect since they can be molded to cradle your individual pieces such as dice, sand timers, and most odd shapes. Our plastic comes in black, white or clear, but no matter which color you select the plastic organizer has a professional aesthetic.

Cardstock Dividers

We also offer 20pt. coated 1-side gloss cardstock and 20pt. uncoated cardstock that works great for dividing your box into prefigured compartments. While cardstock doesn’t look as polished as our plastic option, the material can be printed on. The default cardstock color is white, but you can choose to have it printed in a solid color or have some fun and add a pattern.

Board Game Organizing Inserts Cardstock Compartments

Board Game Organizing Inserts Cardstock Compartments

Organizing Box Insert Layout

You have full control of how many compartments you need and in what design you’d like them configured, as long as it will fit inside your box size. Remember, cardboard dividers are only capable of being shaped as squares or rectangles while our plastic can be formed to each piece.

If you’re unable to decide the best layout, just leave it up to our professional team. We’ll design the best option to easily fit all your components.

If you’re interested in reading more about custom game printing, be sure to check out our custom board game hub and our custom card game hub. These parts of our site contain all the information you need to know about creating a board game or a card game. Beyond just the standards listed here, these hubs also contain detailed information on all the types of materials and packaging types we offer for your game. We’ve also analyzed board and card games to figure out what makes them work – and how you can apply these principals to your custom game. Check it out!

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