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Golden Tape Binding

What is golden tape binding? Is it right for your PrintNinja project?

Golden Tape Binding

Little Golden Books are a publishing house beloved for the children’s stories. Among their book portfolio, they include classics like The Poky Little Puppy, The Little Red Hen, and The Saggy Baggy Elephant. Despite how iconic their stories are, they may be most remembered for the golden binding. If you’re trying to create a book that emulates the style of Little Golden Books, golden tape binding may be the perfect option for you.

That nostalgia can be added to your project with a gold metallic sticker. This option is especially great for hardcover children’s and art books. Manufacturing only allows the sticker to be adhered to hardcover (casebound), perfect (softcover), board book bindings and dust jackets.

Dark ink can be printed on the tape to mimic the Little Golden Books pattern or to display your title. To avoid any visibility issues, light color is not printed on top of the golden tape.

Have more questions about our golden tape binding option? Feel free to contact one of our friendly customer service ninjas. We’ll be able to guide you through whether or not this option is right for your project.

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