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PrinNinja recommends keeping the following instructions in mind in order to design a schoolbook.

Schoolbooks, educational textbooks, and annual yearbooks, are a part of everyone’s school and learning experiences. That means it’s important to get their design right! If you’re looking to print textbooks or yearbooks for your educational institute, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve probably noticed these books have a standard size, and they even have common paper and binding that you can find below – following our guidelines will help you make your schoolbooks look like they belong on the bookshelf of any classroom or library. We recommend printing your books in either softcover or hardcover formats – depending on the use of your book: for instance, textbooks can be either softcover or hardcover, while yearbooks tend to be hardcover – something to keep in mind when you design a schoolbook.

Even though schoolbooks have standard designs, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! There are ton of special features that you can add to your schoolbooks to make your textbooks or yearbooks stand out from the crowd. No matter what type of schoolbook you’re printing, we can help. Read on to learn how to design a schoolbook.

Schoolbook Industry Standards

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