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Storage and Fulfillment

This article will help you learn more about your storage and fulfillment options for your project once it’s been printed with us.

You’ve made it through order placement, production, and international logistics, and your project has finally arrived at your door! So, what to do with the pallets of books that just landed in your driveway?

Do It Yourself

Some folks like to handle everything themselves: warehousing, fulfillment, inventory, tracking, and shipping for day-to-day orders. Not to mention providing customer service via email or phone. This is a great route to take if you can manage it, but be sure not to underestimate just how much work DIY storage and fulfillment is, how much space it requires, and how much additional cost it adds!

If you’re planning to handle storage yourself, check out our visual guide for tips and tricks on how to properly store your project:

Third-Party Warehousing / Fulfillment

Another option is to use a third-party warehousing and fulfillment service. One of the most popular choices is Amazon’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program. Amazon is a great option for managing your project and handling day-to-day orders, but Amazon requires quite a few steps toward receiving goods and establishing a functioning account. We highly recommend downloading the below “Amazon Fulfillment Process” PDF to get a step-by-step guide on printing with PrintNinja and fulfilling with Amazon.

Download Amazon Fulfillment Process Guide Here

There are also many independent warehousing and fulfillment companies. Printninja has a partnership with E Fulfillment Services, which is a company that will store your books and ship them out on an as-needed basis. Plus, if you mention Printninja when getting a storage quote with EFS, you’ll be eligible for discounted pick & pack rates!

Warehouse for Storage and Fulfillment of Your Product

Remember that many third party warehousing and fulfillment companies have huge economies of scale. Their warehouses are so advanced and their freight rates so low that in many cases you can actually save money by going with a third party service.

What the Inside of a Package Looks like Before Shipping

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