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Library Placement

A great way to get your book in front of consumers is through library placement, a market that’s not as easily accessible for indie authors as you may believe. Librarians do not have a reliable source for finding suitable self-published books for their library, so it’s up to you to prove your books are quality products that fit their collection.

Avoid reinforcing the self-publisher stereotype by dumping your books into the donation bin. First, you’re better than that! Second, those books do not get the treatment you want—they end up on a sale shelf when you want your book to be prominently displayed, front and center. Instead, find the appropriate person (typically in the Collection Development or Acquisitions Department) to contact, and ask about the proper steps to donate your project or pitch your book for order.

If you want your book to be ordered rather then donated, you will likely need a level of credibility attached to your name. The best way to do this is through reviews. Try to get trade publications, blogs or social media leaders talking about your book. Send established blogs your book for free in exchange for a published review. There are many routes you can take, so get creative!

Variety of Book Genres and Binding Types

It’s important to note that genre does make a difference. Writing a genre that has a lot of consumer demand, such as adult fiction, makes it easier for librarians to see the value in your project, whereas a Trading Spaces makeover book may appear outdated and will likely be dropped from the shelf. The more potential for circulation your book offers, the longer the shelf life it will recieve.

Before taking any of these steps, however, make sure a library placement program is right for your project. There may be better options available for you to get your book in the hands of consumers, so explore your options before committing to any one distribution or publicity strategy.

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