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Proofing Options

PrintNinja electronic proofing example

Electronic Proofing

If you are an experienced printer, working on a tight schedule, or just looking to save some money, electronic proofing is our fastest and most cost-effective option.

Our electronic proofing process begins with an in-depth file review completed by one of our pre-press experts. Once your files are print-ready, we’ll generate a PDF proof with printers’ marks that will show you how your project will look, and you get to look it over one last time before sending it to press.

Electronic Proofs are fast and cost-effective, but they won’t show you how your colors will turn out when printed.

If you are new to printing or are concerned about making sure your colors translate to print in the way you think they will, we highly recommend that you do hard copy proofing for your project instead.

  • Electronic Proofing Cost: $0
  • Electronic Proofing Turnaround: 1 Business Day

Hard Copy Proofing Sheet

For those who want to see the way their colors will come out when printed offset, we offer affordable hard copy proofing as well as electronic. Hard copy proofing for games is produced differently.

Our standard hard copy proof

sheet is one offset-printed parent sheet, which for most projects (8.5 in x 11 in or smaller) means 8 pages of content. Larger projects can only fit 4 pages on a parent sheet.

This sheet will be printed on the same paper stock and the same offset printing press that your final product will be printed on, so we recommend you choose the inside pages with the colors you’re most concerned about.

For a complete walkthrough of our hardcopy proof sheets, please check out the visual guide below:


For an extra $150, you can also add a hard copy proof of your cover.

Additionally, you can add extra press sheets for $150 each if you need to see more than 8 inside pages.

  • Hard Copy Proofing Sheet Cost: $250* (add $150 for cover)
  • Hard Copy Proofing Sheet Turnaround: 2 Weeks“]

*In certain instances, the hard copy proofing sheet process varies as follows:

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