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Hole Drilling

Need hole drilling for your custom printed project? We can help.

Custom Book Hole Drilling

We can drill custom holes for your documents so that they can easily be inserted into three-hole binders. This is a great option if you’re printing a looseleaf textbook – one where instead of having a traditional softcover or hardcover book binding, students provide their own three-hole binders. This allows students to not have to carry around a huge binder with them all day long – they can pick out the section that they’re using for day and simply insert it in their binder. This is also a great option for calendars or any project that you want to hang – having a pre-drilled hole makes it much easier on your customer to hang up your calendar symmetrically. No more wrestling with a level trying to find the perfect spot to stick in the push-pin!

Manufacturing Requirements and Recommendations

  1. We offer the following hole punch diameters: 3mm (0.12”), 5mm (0.20”), 6mm (0.24”), 7mm (0.28”), 10mm (0.39”). 7mm (0.28”) is the standard size.
  2. The hole punch must be at least 0.25” away from the trim.
  3. For casebound (hardcover) and board books, only the COVER may be hole punched.

File Setup Guide

We will need a reference image provided showing the intended placement of the hole punch. You can find the setup guide here for this add-on.


  • $100 startup plus 10 cents per unit.

List this item in our add-on box while locking in your price on our calculator. We will get back to you with a quote within 1 business day of receiving your request. Of course, we’re happy to talk with you if you’re not sure if this option is for you. Contact one of our friendly customer service ninjas today!

Note: Currently, hole drilling is only available with international offset printed orders. We hope to have this option available through our domestic digital-offset print option in the future.

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