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Die Cutting Process

The die cutting process is a way to create unique shapes in material. It’s often used artistically on covers to cut windows into a book or on interior pages to create flaps, pop-up structures or interesting shapes. Read on to learn more about the process.

Die Cutting Machine Being Setup

A die, in simplest terms, is a set of steel blades forming the shape of your cut. The die cutting process starts with the creation of the die. Simple shapes like circles and squares are easy, but if your design needs a unique shape then a new die must be made, which can be costly – since our vendors may not have these unique shapes already in stock. Once the die is ready, it’s positioned on a wood block and installed into the press. The tech will measure out the placement of paper underneath the die and cut a few trial sheets to make sure the shape looks as it is supposed to and that there are no issues with the die. The die is then pressed into the material with heavy pressure making the cut.

Short video of a box being die cut

This video demonstrates the die cutting process in action, showing you a box being die cut.

Dies are used at our domestic print facility and are a crucial part of the card and tuck box printing process. We have dies custom-made for each of the card sizes as well as tuck boxes of various thicknesses, which is necessary due to the wide range of card counts. Those dies are installed on the large magnetic drums inside our rotary die cutting machine.

Short video of cards being cut from a rotary die in our domestic facility

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