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Photography and Art Books

PrintNinja recommends keeping the following guidelines in mind when you design a photographic art book.

Books, contrary to popular belief, aren’t always pages and pages of tiny text. Photographic art books are a great option to compile your visual art and to monetize your work without having to sell individual pieces – additionally, you’ll be able to add and compile additional context to each of your pieces that you might not be able to provide otherwise. They can also be a great accessory to gallery stints or to go alongside exhibits. Popular in museum gift shops, they can be a great souvenir to remember a specific museum visit by. Plus, they serve as great decorations for your home.

This industry standards section highlights book genres with a higher photo to text ratio – these types of books, obviously, have a slightly different production process and different design considerations than other types of printed material, like novels. Select a type below to help choose your book’s size, material, and binding, and to learn what you need to understand when you design a photographic art book.

Photographic Art Book Types

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