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Endsheets, or endleaves, refer to the pages at the beginning and end of hardcover books with at least 60 pages. They are typically made of a 105lb uncoated paperstock that fortifies hardcover books and adds durability. Endsheets are printed as a two-sheet spread. One side of the spread is glued down on the inside back and inside front cover of your book:

PrintNinja endsheets for book example

PrintNinja endsheets for book example

When getting a quote or preparing your project files, remember that endsheets do not count toward your interior page count. However, they need to be included in your interior page file. The endsheets should be the first three pages and the last three pages of your interior page file. Let’s say you have a project that is 64 pages. Your interior page document should include 70 pages. Pages 1-3 are the front endsheets and pages 68-70 are the back endsheets. This leaves 64 additional pages, hence, your final page count of 64. Check out this link to an example page file (PDF).

Endsheets can make counting your interior pages a little tricky, so if you need some extra help, check out our video guide here!


When Endsheets Aren’t Needed

Casebound books under 60 pages don’t include endsheets unless requested through a custom quote. If your casebound book does not have endsheets, the pages glued to the hardcover case will be your inside front and back covers:

Regardless of whether or not your casebound project includes endsheets, or traditional inside covers, printing is included! Endsheet pages and inside covers are typically left blank, printed with a solid color or a pattern, but the design is totally up to you!

Fabric Used in Hard Cover Binding and Endsheets

Fabric and Endsheets

Hardcover books are also reinforced with fabric, known as the super. The super is glued to the spine during the binding process to strengthen the spine and prevent pages from tearing. In the image to the right you can see the fabric underneath the endsheet lining the spine for added strength.

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