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Game Quote

This article will teach you more about the game quote process.

PrintNinja characterizes games into two broad categories. “Card Games” and “Board Games.” If your game is cards and a box, you can instantly calculate the prices on our card game calculator. If your game is a classic “board game” with a board, play pieces, cards, instructions, a big box, and so on, please continue to our board game section for information about generating a budgetary quote.

PrintNinja Tip
It may take some time to get all of the pricing together (sometimes as long as a week or so for complex projects) but our ninjas will send it to you as soon as it's received.

Below is a walkthrough of specs that you’ll come across on the quote forms, it may help to consider these answers before using our request forms.


How many units would you like to order?

We require a minimum of 500 units for board game orders.

Where would you like these games shipped?

To provide you with an accurate quote we need, at least, the zip code of the final destination.

Would you like electronic or a hard copy proof?

We offer electronic and hard copy proofs for custom games. However, we do not create standalone prototypes of board games without a full production run. Single copies of games can be ordered through our domestic print service but is limited to poker and tarot size cards, and tuck box components.

Card Games

Card Games

What size do you want your cards to be?

We can produce a variety of sizes. The most commonly used size is the poker card 2.5″ x 3.5″. We offer Poker, Tarot, Bridge, Euro and tons more, just ask! Domestically, we have poker and tarot size cards available. Custom size cards can be ordered but will not have rounded corners and are limited to shrink wrap as a packaging option, tuck boxes cannot be produced for custom size cards ordered domestically.

PrintNinja Tip
If your game requires a unique size we may need to make a custom die, which can be expensive. If you are trying to be cost effective we recommend choosing a size that we currently offer.

How many cards do you need in a deck?

We can fit 55 poker sized cards on a parent sheet for international offset orders.

Domestic digital-offset orders card count will vary based on your chosen card stock. Most stocks can fit 18 poker cards per sheet and 12 tarot cards per sheet. Our Black Core Standard option can only fit 16 poker cards per sheet and 10 tarot cards per sheet.

For International Offset orders, if your game requires 65 cards than we will have to use another parent sheet, as poker cards can only fit 55 per sheet, so those extra 10 cards will increase the price quite a bit. It might be worth it to pair down your cards if possible. Just make sure not to sacrifice playability!

PrintNinja Tip
If you are trying to be cost-conscious the best way to save money is by matching the number of cards in your game to a multiple of the number of cards that fit on a single parent sheet.

What type of material would you like your cards to be made from?

For international orders, 280gsm blue core is our most commonly used option and is what you will commonly see in games on the shelf of your local game store. We also offer coreless 350gsm stock, plastic PVC cards, as well as an imported 330gsm black core stock that is primarily used for casino-quality cards.

Here in the U.S. we have 260gsm coreless standard, 240gsm black core standard, 270gsm linen stock, 12mil plastic rigid vinyl stock and 13pt (255gsm) Silver Foil Stock.

What finish type and style would you like applied to your cards?

There are two types, varnish or lamination. Most cards have a varnish, but if you need your cards to be water resistant then lamination is your best bet. For additional protection, we also offer plastic PVC cards to make your game completely waterproof.

There are a few style choices, gloss, matte, and gloss or matte linen. Most cards you play with have a gloss style. Linen is a textured effect added after the finish is applied and is commonly found on playing cards.

Do you need packaging?

You probably need a box. We can determine the correct size but let us know if you want a tuck box, deck box or a two piece box. If you want your cards arranged specifically, such as 3 rows of 36 cards each, then let us know and we can create the right size packaging. Please note that domestic box options are currently limited to tuck boxes and shrink wrap only.

PrintNinja Tip
There is a 110 card limit for tuck boxes. If you have more cards you will need to request a deck box or two-piece box.


Let us know if you would like to print in full color CMYK or in black and white. Additionally, you can add on specialty options like metallic ink or spot (Pantone) colors!

Board Games

Board Game

What is your playing surface?

Typically table top games come with a board but we also offer rubber playing mats, paperboard tiles and other surfaces.

What size is your board or playing surface?

We can print boards of all sizes! The preferred unit of measurement is inches.

Do you need your board to fold?

We can create half-folds, quarter-folds etc. so that your packaging can be more compact.

What finish type and style would you like on your board?

The finish types are varnish or lamination, most games use a varnish. If you need a water resistant board then lamination is a better choice. Style options are gloss or matte, this is a creative choice, but most games use gloss.

PrintNinja Tip


Game Pieces

There are an infinite amount of components that can make up a board game. Here are a few common options we offer.

For most pieces we will need to know these four measurements:

How many of each piece do you need?

What size do you need your pieces to be?

What color pieces do you need?

We offer many stock colors including black, blue, green, red, white, yellow, and more! Standard color options vary based on the piece material.

PrintNinja Tip
If you need another color we can supply that but it will be more expensive than using colors we have in stock.

What material would you like your pieces made out of?

For most pieces we offer wood, plastic, or resin. We also offer marbles, stones, timers, spinners, markers, and more!

Keep in mind some pieces require additional information, like dice:

  • Number of sides? 6, 12, 20 etc.
  • Face type? Pips, numbered etc.

Instruction Booklet


What size do you need your booklet to be?

We can do multi-page booklets or a single front and back sheet of paper.

PrintNinja Tip
There are many creative ways to get around the instruction book. If your game requires cards many creators will add an extra card to their deck with printed instructions. If your order contains a two piece box you can print your instructions on your packaging.

How many pages do you need?

Just like printing a book the more pages you have the more expensive your project will be.

What size would you like your booklet?

Please make sure your size is able to fit inside your packaging.

Domestically printed instructions are limited to the size of the tuckboxes housing the cards of your game. Booklets and Accordion instructions will be poker or tarot size and folded sheet instructions will be a maximum of 7” x 8.5 (poker size unfolded) and 8.5” x 11” (tarot size unfolded). Folded down, those will have measurements of 2.125” x 3.5” and 2.75” x 4.25”. 

What type of binding?

For international orders, saddle-stitching is the most common binding, but perfect, spiral/wire, and unbound accordion folding are available options as well.

For domestic orders, binding type options are limited to Folded Sheet, Accordion, and Booklet styles.

What paperweight and finish do you need?

A lighter paperweight (55lb, 70lb) works great, but if your instructions will be handled often then we suggest a heavier weight (85lb, 105lb) for more durability. 80lb or 100lb text would work well if you want a slightly thicker stock for domestically printed instructions.

What type and style of finish do you need?

The finish types are varnish or lamination, most instructions use a varnish. If you need a water resistant booklet then lamination is a better choice. Style options are gloss or matte, this is a creative choice.

Card and Board Game Sample Pack

Sample Pack Request

If you are unsure how to answer some of these questions then request a sample pack. Be specific when telling us what you are looking for so we can customize a package to answer your particular questions.

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