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PrintNinja recommends keeping these guidelines in mind when you design a textbook.

Textbooks, also called schoolbooks or course books, are typically used in the educational system as a teaching tool and generally contain more text than photos, depending on the subject matter. While the text is important, oftentimes, the photos are just as important, even if there are less of them – the photos may be diagrams or charts, or they may include visual content that is hard to describe through words only. They usually take the form of a hardcover or perfect-bound book, and they tend to have a very high page count. The standard size for textbooks varies widely, but you will find two examples below. Whatever you want your textbook to look like, PrintNinja can help you get your final product looking fantastic. Read on to learn how to design a textbook!

Hardcover Textbook

Hardcover Textbook Standards

Design a Textbook, Art Book Interior Industry Standard Measurements

Perfect Textbook Standards

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