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Spot UV Process

This article explains the spot UV process.

Spot UV is a liquid varnish applied on top of the printed surface that creates a high-gloss shine. Sometimes called a spot gloss, spot UV can be placed on top of an image such as a logo or title to make it pop out against a matte or uncoated background. It’s a great specialty option to add on to your project and can really make your printed piece stand out from the crowd – the juxtaposition of matte and high gloss makes your project look luxe.

The spot UV varnish is applied using the same offset printing method as your printed pieces. A clean ink fountain in the printing press is filled with the spot UV varnish and a new plate with the spot gloss image is inserted. The printed parent sheets are run through the press and then exposed to ultraviolet light hardening the varnish. What results is a beautiful effect!

Example of Blind Spot UV Spot Gloss

When  spot UV is applied to a spot without any printing underneath, it is known as a ‘blind’ Spot UV. This is a super cool effect – we especially like using this specialty option on card and board game boxes.

Spot UV is not currently an option available for domestically printed projects, but we hope to offer this incredible option in the future.

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