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How to Instantly Quote your Custom Poker Deck

This article will teach you how to instantly quote your custom poker deck.

PrintNinja makes affordable, high quality, custom card games. Because we’re capable of so many custom options, our instant price calculator has many options to navigate. If you’re simply looking to print your custom artwork on a standard deck of playing cards, here are some helpful tips to complete your quote. Please note that while this article provides instructions on how to fill out and use the international card game calculator, our domestic card game calculator will be similar with some differences in available options.

Deck Size and Card Count

The first two options you’ll need to select when you start to quote your playing cards are deck size and card count. Deck size refers to the dimensions of each card. Standard poker cards are 2.5” wide and 3.5” long.

Card count refers to the total number of cards in each deck. A standard poker deck has 54 cards, including jokers, so you’ll want to enter 54 into this field.

Poker card count Selection

PrintNinja Tip
A typical parent sheet can fit 55 poker cards. If you want to add one more card to your 54-card deck, it won’t add very much to your total cost.

Card Stock and Card Backs

The card stock you choose will have a significant impact on your unit costs. We have plenty of options to fit a variety of budgets. If you’re on a budget, Blue Core Standard 280gsm is a great choice. It’s affordable, but still looks and feels very professional. On the other end of the spectrum are our Black Core card stocks, which are thicker and have a dark black core so you can’t see through them even when they’re held up to a light.

“Card Backs” refers to the number of unique designs on the back of a playing card. Poker decks almost always have just one back, so you’ll want to enter 1 into this box.

Poker Card Details Selection

Finish Style and Specialty Options

For poker cards, we recommend gloss varnish for your finish type. For a bit of an upgrade, you may also want to add a linen finish. Most mass-produced playing cards use a linen finish to make the cards easier to shuffle.

Poker Card Finish Type Selection

Packaging and Instructions

Most poker decks are packaged in a tuck box or with shrink wrap. Tuck boxes are useful because your customers will be able to store their cards in them. However, shrink wrap is a less expensive option, and you won’t have to worry about designing a tuck box. For the Instructions section of our calculator, simply choose “none”.

Poker Card Packaging Selection

Quantity and Proofing

For the field called Game Quantity, simply enter the number of decks you’d like to purchase. Our minimum order quantity is 500. If you’d like to order a quantity not available on this form, you can fill out a custom quote request.

Next, choose your proofing option. The quickest and most cost efficient option is electronic proofing. However, if you’d like a hard copy proof, we can do that too.

Poker Card Quantity Proofing Selection

Almost done!

After you enter your zip code and click Calculate, you’ll be able to see your total cost including shipping and all applicable taxes. From here, you can decide if you’d like to expedite all or part of your order, and you can even save your quote for 90 days. We highly recommend saving a quote so you can lock in your price. If you’re not sure about some of your selections, you can always go back and save another quote with different options.

Need card face artwork? We’ve got you covered.

PrintNinja offers two different poker face styles. If you’d like to choose one of these options, you just need to let your account manager know after you place your order. We also have an option that lets you place a photo on each card, so you can put up to 54 different photos into one deck.

Classic Poker Deck

Classic Poker Deck

Modern Poker Deck

Modern Poker Deck

Ready to Get Started?

Head on over to our card game calculator and instantly price your poker deck. We recommend opening the calculator in a separate tab so you can reference this guide as you go.

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