Tuck Box Packaging

Tuck Box Card Game Packaging

Tuck Box Card Game Packaging

A tuck box is the traditional card game packaging option, made by folding thick paper stock into a box with a flap top. Our tuck boxes can hold up to 110 cards in a single deck or 220 cards in two decks side by side, and can be fitted with an instruction booklet or sheet. If your game requires more cards we suggest using a two-piece box for better durability.

Tuck Box Light vs. Heavyweight

We offer two tuck box options: light and heavyweight. The industry standard is a lightweight box produced with 10pt stock. The heavyweight box is made of 12pt stock. If the heavyweight option is not durable enough, and you do not want a two-piece box, we suggest asking about our plastic deck box option.

Tuck boxes can hold more than cards, making games more travel-efficient. If your game has several small components, such as dice and tokens, you can include them in the tuck box packaging.

Retail Packaging Suggestion

If you plan on selling your game to retailers, we suggest adding a hangtag to your tuck box that allows retailers to hang your game on a peg wall. Specialty options will also help your packaging stand out from the conformity of retail displays.