Two-Piece Box

Small Two-Piece Card Box

Two-piece boxes are the most durable packaging option, and can be used for a variety of game types. They are a great option for card games that require more than 110 cards to play, such as Cards Against Humanity or Twilight, both of which utilize two-piece boxes.

Two-Piece Box light vs. Heavyweight

We offer two material options: lightweight and heavyweight. Our lightweight box is made from 1.5mm high density paperboard – the industry standard material. Our heavyweight box uses 2mm high-density paperboard. Your design is printed in full color, or black and white, on paper stock, then wrapped and glued around the paperboard box.

Organizing Insert

If your game has multiple components that need to be contained in a large box, we suggest adding an organizing insert so the players can easily locate pieces. Please inform us how many compartments you would like to have in your organizer and the intent of each.

Organizing Insert for Two-Piece Game Box