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Water-Resistant Cards

Learn more about the water-resistant cards option that we offer.

Water-Resistant Playing Cards Lamination

“Water-resistant” is a fancy way of saying laminated. Lamination is a finish that is typically applied to thicker materials. This requires a roll of film to be glued onto your printed parent sheet as seen in the lamination machine video below.

Applying a gloss lamination finish to a your cards will produce a highly reflective shine, as seen in the photo to the right. Matte lamination has a more subtle shine. If your cards have a lot of text then a matte lamination is probably best for readability.

This specialty option is available with:

  • Cards
  • Game Box

Please Note:

Now that you’ve read about water-resistant cards, why not learn more? If you’re interested in reading more about creating board games, be sure to check out our custom board game hub. This part of our site contains all the information you need to know about creating a board game – beyond just the standards listed here, this hub also contains detailed information on all the types of materials and packaging types we offer for your game. We’ve also analyzed some of your favorite board games to figure out what makes them work – and how you can apply these principals to your custom card game. There’s lots more to explore, like special features you can add-on to your card game to make it stand out. Check it out!

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