Emboss/Deboss Packaging

Play Cards and Deck with Debossing Embossing and Gold Foil Stamping

Emphasize your design with embossing (raised edges) or debossing (sunken edges) … or both! This feature is only available for your game’s packaging. If you want to offer a tactile experience through your cards, try our linen texture finish.

Embossing/Debossing with Foil Stamping

Embossing or debossing pairs well with specialty features such as spot UV or foil stamping. The photo on the rights displays a debossed gold foil line stretching vertically at the edge of the deck box. You can also spot an embossed “White” text with gold foil stamped on top. Both options are beautiful and work well in unison.

Blind Embossing/Debossing on Cards and Boxes

Blind embossing or debossing occurs when the effect is applied to a blank spot on the paper, meaning no ink or specialty option is present to make the feature more visible. In the photo, the indented ray lines that extend from the card’s center illustrate the appeal of a blind deboss. It’s a spectacular way to enhance your design, or to subtly add a secret message, depending on how you want to use it.