Square Style Playing Cards

Square Playing Card Style

Our square card die is 2.5″ x 2.5″. Creators typically use square cards in three ways: for games that utilize a “draw pile” function, for children’s games since this size can easily be picked up, or for games that require players to lay their cards down in a grid format.

Games that use square cards:

  • I Spy Ready, Set, Silhouette
  • Castle

Square Card Packaging

If your square cards are part of a board game, use a two-piece box to house the cards. If your game only requires cards to play, we can make a custom tuck box, or you can shrink-wrap your deck without a box.

Example of Square Tiles

Square Card Material and Alternatives

If you’re using the cards for a grid, or to act as the playing board, our tiles option may be a better fit for your game. Tiles can be customized to any size, and they are made of high density paper board, providing increased durability and easy handling.