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Full Color vs. Black and White

Full Color CMYK Offset Printing Process

PrintNinja offers two types of printing: Full color CMYK printing (also known as 4-color process or 4/4) and black and white printing (also known as black-only or 1-color process or 1/1).

CMYK Printing

Full color CMYK printing uses four colors of ink: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK (also known as key) to create millions of colors.

Black (K) Only Printing

Black and white or black-only printing just uses one color of ink: black (also known as key, or K).

Black and white printing is more cost-effective since it requires less setup, but it’s important to note that the black produced using only K will not be as deep as Rich Black, which is produced using all four colors of CMYK.

Black and White Black-Only K Offset Printing Process

When you’re setting up your files for print, be sure to review PrintNinja’s Printing Color Guide. It addresses the most common color pitfalls and mistakes customers make, including RGB vs. CMYK, standard black vs. rich black, spot colors / color matching, and more.