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Many projects want to mimic the feel of old-fashioned newsprint. Golden-age comics were made on newsprint, and it has an undeniably artsy quality with its imperfections and tendency to yellow over time.

To be as cost-effective as possible for newspapers (which are designed to be thrown away), it is very thin, low-quality paper with the tendency to oxidize and tear very easily. In fact, it’s so thin that you generally need to use a web press to print it, since the paper would be too thin to go through a sheet-fed press when cut into parent sheets. This means that it’s not possible to use newsprint for most runs of under 10,000 pieces.

However, by using an uncoated paper stock and designing a bit of discoloration into your project, you can get all of the benefits of the newsprint look while keeping the durability and quality of a thicker sheet-fed paper stock, as in the below project:

Newsprint Paper Stock Design Example