Foil Stamping Process

Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Hot foil stamping is the application of adding metallic material to a project using heat and pressure.

Hot foil machines are run manually by an operator who makes sure each project gets stamped correctly. The operator measures the project and places markers on the machine’s platform in a formation that allows the project to be slipped snugly inside. The formation also takes into account where the foil stamp needs to be placed. Once everything is set up, pieces are hand fed into the machine one by one until each piece has been stamped.

Foil stamping uses a heated metal die to transfer the metallic material; your digital art file is used to create this die, so all pieces will be stamped with the same shape.

Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Sequential Foil Numbering

Sequential foil uses a specific machine, as seen to the right. Instead of using a single die, these machines use a die with a rotating numbered head so that each piece gets its own unique number.

Hot foil stamping in action