Game Board Size

Board game sizes

Choosing the size of your game board is an important part of the custom board game design process. Some things to keep in mind when choosing a game board size are the number of players and the type of board game. For an accurate quote, you’ll need to know the width and height of your game board in it’s unfolded state. Based on this number and the panel/fold style you select, we will determine the size of your board in it’s folded formation. Order a sample pack to see an example of a finished game board.

Keep in mind the larger your game board, the bigger your box will have to be. As the board and box get bigger, so does the cost. Check out our cost reduction guide to find out how to keep your board game within your budget, and play around with our custom calculator to get an idea of the ballpark cost of your custom board game.

If you need a large game board we suggest checking out our playmat option. Since this material is flexible, it can fold over more times and fit into a smaller box.

Example Sizes of Popular Board Games

Board Game Szies

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