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What is a board game budgetary quote?

Custom board game quote workups take a long time. Getting to the final cost of your game requires effort, attention, communication, and two-way education. Our board game budgetary quote is designed to be an easy way to get you lots of information quickly. This page hosts a simple calculator that allows you to enter a little bit of information to get a basic board game quote – but you’ll find that the other posted information on the site will probably help more. We have created several custom board game pricing resources on our site, as well as information on our board game minimum order quantities and our ever-popular custom miniatures pages.

Multiple ways to establish a budget with a board game quote


Board game creators have one question in common: “what is my game going to cost?” PrintNinja has formal custom board game pricing resources – but we have lots of educational materials, too. We’ve written extensively on custom miniatures, non-printed game pieces, and the like.


Because these projects are so complicated, we no longer give “formal” board game quotes before we have seen your artwork. There are just too many things that have to happen before we’re comfortable giving a final, send-us-your-credit-card price. Things that you haven’t thought about yet – whether you want a plastic or cardboard insert to hold your game pieces, whether you want a single-sided or double-sided board, etc.

That said, we’re very comfortable giving you a price – a price that lets you make go-or-no-go decisions, or ask questions on how to get the project to fit your budget. We evolved a “budgetary” quote process to help answer the burning “how much” question in two ways.

First, we have published lots of sample board game prices. We took existing games and we priced them so that you could say “oh, a game like that is going to cost about twenty dollars to produce.” It also lets you see what some cool possibilities for your own custom design.

Second, we have created a “board game budgetary quote calculator” which allows you to calculate your game specifics to get an idea of what your game might cost. This quote requires far less information than a detailed quote.

Once you’ve figured out about what your game might cost and have art files available, we can start working together to make a “production-ready quote.” PrintNinja doesn’t and can’t give you the best possible production price until we have seen your art files and ironed out lots of details. We can give you a good estimate that you can use to budget your project, but we can’t give you a firm price.

See, in every game project, designers face lots of decisions. The number of chips, the style of tokens, the thickness of the board and box, and even custom miniatures – those are all questions that can and should be answered in a great game design process. Often, as the printing partner, we can find ways to suggest small changes that can result in more affordable production. Giving you a blanket price without walking you through all the final details is a disservice to both of us.

So go ahead and configure your dream board game on the budgetary calculator – the information you input will be saved in our system and a copy emailed to you. Then, as we work together to turn your “budgetary quote” into a “production quote” we’ll help you verify, control and optimize every variable of your project. You’ll see that our attention to detail through every piece of your creation is critical to a successful board game manufacturing project – you’ll make more money by having lower final costs and better control of your game.

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