Custom Playmats for Board Games

Board Game Rubber Playmat Surface

If the creators of Twister could do it all over again, they’d probably use our playmats. If you’re looking to use a large game board, but are worried about the cost, our playmats make a great, cost-effective alternative. Our custom playmats are produced by printing your CMYK or black and white design onto cloth. We then glue and sew that fabric onto a rubber, slip-resistant mat. The result is a versatile playing surface that your players will have a great time using and can easily store.

You can get an estimate for your custom playmat instantly using our board game price calculator. This tool allows you to try out multiple different combinations of board game products and accessories to find the one that works best for you.

Custom playmats are cheaper and more compact than traditional game boards

The biggest benefit of a custom playmat is having a larger game surface with a personalized design. Playmats don’t take up as much space as traditional game boards do, meaning you can make your box smaller than you would for a board of that size. Plus, our custom playmats come at a cheaper price than our game boards.

We know that keeping costs down is incredibly important to our customers. Not only do we want to keep our customers satisfied, but we also want to see you complete the design process and follow through with printing your game.  If you’d like more details on other ways to reduce your overall cost during the board game printing process, be sure to check out our cost reduction guide.

Good to go?

We’ve created a custom pricing calculator just for board games so you can explore printing choices, shipping methods, and accurate order prices for your project. You can also customize just about anything, including playmats and board game sizes.

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