Waterproof Playing Cards for Board Games

Waterproof playing cards

If you’re looking to create a board game that customers can take on a beach vacation or to the pool, you’re going to want to invest in waterproof or water-resistant playing cards.


To make fully waterproof playing cards, you’ll need to make your cards out of White PVC Luxury Cardstock. Because these cards are made out of plastic, they are as water, food, and drink-proof as anything else made out of plastic – in case of a spill, just wipe them off. Not to mention, they are virtually indestructible by hand – which makes these cards the perfect choice for a kids or party game.

If you don’t need fully waterproof playing cards, or you’re looking for a cheaper option, we recommend laminating your cards. This option allows the top and back faces of the card to be water-resistant, but not the sides of the cards – but unless you plan on totally submerging your game in water, laminating your cards is a budget friendly alternative to White PVC Luxury Cardstock.

To see how choosing waterproof or water-resistant cardstock impacts your overall cost, visit our custom pricing calculator for an instant budgetary quote. To see these options up close, order a standard card sample pack.

Looking to cut costs? Visit our card game cost reduction guide to learn more about how to make your game as budget-friendly as possible.

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