Shrink Wrapping for Board Games

Shrink wrapping your board game is an easy way to protect your components from dust, dirt, and damage. It also adds a professional touch that makes your board games look professional – and primes them for retail sale. Our helpful info below will walk you through the process of shrink wrapping your products and make sure you understand everything.

Board Game BoxShrink wrapped board game boxes

Our shrink wrapping machine allows us to shrink wrap virtually any one of our packaging options, as well as the cards within your custom board game.

We’ll assemble your game components inside your box before shrink wrapping your product. If you are planning to use a warehousing and fulfillment service we recommend adding shrink wrapping to protect your game from dirt and dust.

Deck of Cards

Shrink wrapped deck of cards

For a professional appearance, you can select to have the cards inside your packaging shrink wrapped. This is especially helpful to separate multiple functioning decks of cards within your game, like in the Game of Life or Monopoly.

This feature cannot be used with booster pack packaging because the booster pack is a type
of packaging itself.


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