Plastic Board Game Pieces

Our plastic board game pieces will make the perfect addition to your custom board game. Browse our wide selection of options below to find the best pieces for you. Visit our custom board game calculator to compare the costs of different types of plastic game pieces, or order a sample pack. If you want to make custom pieces for your board game, we can do that too! Be sure to check out our custom miniatures page to learn more about the process.

Standard Pawn

Standard Pawn

This is the most commonly shaped plastic board game pawn on the market. The wide 14mm base provides stability for these hollow 25mm tall pieces. It is the most common game piece because of its versatility as well as it’s low price.

Examples from existing games: Pandemic

Plastic halma pawn

Halma Pawn

The Halma style pawn’s name comes from the Halma board game introduced in the ’80s. This unique piece is available in a variety of colors and measures about 23mm tall. PrintNinja’s stock colors include: blue, red, yellow, green, black, and white. For more colors and sizes, you can always check out custom game pieces and custom miniatures.

Plastic ball pawn

Ball Pawn

Ball Pawns, also known as people pawns, are a fun shape that works well for children’s board games. These large pieces are 30mm tall and 14mm wide plastic pawn.

Plastic poker chip

Poker Chip

This plastic chip looks like a casino chip with all the traditional indentations and is available in the standard red, white, and black colors as well as untraditional colors. This custom board game piece is compatible with a variety of game styles.

Examples from existing games: Black Jack

Plastic chip


With this plastic opaque chip, you get can choose from a variety of colors and sizes. This piece is a prime way to track in-game currency or resources, since they are small and don’t take up a lot of room as players start accumulating more of them.

Examples from existing board games: Tiddlywinks

Plastic pyramid card stands

Pyramid Card Stand

If you want to customize your board game’s player characters in even more depth, a common method is to print cards or boards and use simple plastic stands to hold them up. This way, your characters can be as detailed as you draw them to be, without the extra cost of making a fully custom plastic piece. This stand’s design makes it the most stable when it comes to holding your cards upright and in place.

Examples from existing games: Dungeon Twister or Return of the Heroes

Square acrd stand

Square Card Stand

The square stand is a good fit for traditional card sized (square/rectangle) characters. Although customized character cards are compatible, the square-shaped design is typically meant for standard cards.

Examples from existing games: Dungeon Twister or Return of the Heroes

Round Card Stand

Round Card Stand

Similar to the square card stand, round card stands can be used for traditional card sizes as well as customized characters. The round card stand comes in white or clear options, keeping the focus on the card.

Examples from existing games: Dungeon Twister or Return of the Heroes

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