Custom Game Pieces

Game pieces are key determinants of your board game’s playability. Choosing from 0ur many options may seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help you with this important step in the process. Our custom board game pieces include wooden pieces, plastic pieces, glass pieces, mats and tiles, tokens, and dice. If you already know what kinds of pieces you’re interested in, you can find out about how much they’re going to cost right now. We’re happy to provide you with an instant budgetary custom board game quote — a feature of our website that makes us truly unique. Or, order a sample pack to see our game piece options up close.

Traditional player pieces, made out of wood, plastic, or glass, are an excellent choice for many different types of board games. They can be used as pawns to move around the board, like in Sorry or Clue, or they can symbolize achievements in the game, like hotels in Monopoly. If you’re looking to make a specific type of game, be sure to check out our board game ideas section for guidance on what pieces popular games use.

If you want an even more customizable option, be sure to check out our custom miniatures. Just submit your artwork to us, and we can create 3D miniatures for your game. 

Mats and tiles are great alternatives to traditional game boards. We can create large tiles with interlocking parts so players can assemble a playing surface out of multiple pieces. That way, your game board can have a large surface area and still fit into a box. 

Tokens are a budget-friendly alternative to traditional player pieces. They can represent either characters or resources, just like plastic or wooden pieces could. However, they’re printed on cardstock, which is less expensive than sourcing plastic or wood components from our outside vendors.

Dice are a must-have for any board game involving the element of chance. We offer four different materials of dice: wooden, opaque resin, transparent resin, and glitter resin. Each material adds a certain flavor to your game it wouldn’t get otherwise. For example, wooden dice add a vintage feel, while glitter resin is flashy.

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