Boards and Playmats

Boards and playmats set the stage for your custom game – literally. They offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal, and are usually the biggest component in your game, which makes selecting your boards and playmats extremely important to your custom board game creation process. 

PrintNinja offers many different sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and folds for board game boards so that you can find the combination that’s perfect for your game. We also offer custom playmats, which are perfect for projects that require more space, since larger playmats can fold neatly into a retail-ready game box more easily than a traditional board of the same size can. Additionally, because of the material used, playmats tend to be cheaper than boards. If you’re looking for more cost-saving tips, check out our guide on how to make your board game budget-friendly. Once you’ve explored all of our boards and playmats options, check out our custom board game calculator for an instant budgetary quote (and to see how adding or subtracting components impacts your cost), or order a sample pack to see an example of one of our boards up close. 

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