Kickstarter and Crowdfunding with PrintNinja

Through the years, PrintNinja has helped hundreds of crowdfunded projects achieve their goals. Check out our content below for guides on how to manage your kickstarter and crowdfunding project, bios of past kickstarter success stories, answers to questions like 'how much does kickstarter take?' and more!

Kickstarter and Crowdfunding with PrintNinja

Our Crowdfunding Success Stories

Explore some of the beautiful crowdfunded projects brought to life through PrintNinja.



A favorite of the PrintNinja team, PokéNatomy is an ode to the the original 150 Pokémon. The projects dissects the anatomy of each original creature, with imaginative illustrations that display each creatures skeleton structure, organ systems, and more. This project exceeded its goal of $20,000. With 643 backers, Pokénatomy’s campaign totaled $34,526.

PokéNatomy's original Kickstarter page

Classics. . . but make it gay

Asking the question 'but what if we take famous works of art...and make them gay,' Authors Nova and Mali created a collaborative, eye catching hardcover book filed with beautiful art that is in a genre all its own. The results speak for themselves: out of a $30,000 goal, the project funding totaled a whopping $228,025.

Authors Mali and Nova's Website


Crimson Eye Tarot

Based on the Rider-Waite tarot deck, illustrator Evangeline Gallagher puts their own version of a tarot deck out into the universe. The limited color palette highlights the intricate design work and the added linen texture brings a new tactile experience to the participant. While funding a project can be a daunting task, Evangeline proved that it can be done - they were able to more than triple their goal with a total of $15k+ pledged!

View Crimson Eye Tarot's Kickstarter page


Beastlands #1—7

In a unique fantasy world, a boy must journey to save his companion beast and get his friends back. Author Curtis and his creative team premiered “Beastlands” as a kickstarter crowdfunding project in 2019 and were met with an abundance of enthusiasm and demand from the community. Through its run so far, the project has achieved over $72,664 in funding!

View the Beastlands Kickstarter


Tom of Finland

Designed by Derek Bishop in conjunction with the Tom of Finland Foundation and Tom of Finland Store, this poker-deck features artwork from the legendary artist Touko Valio Laaksonen. This deck is in such high demand that PrintNinja has printed the deck four times since the initial run in 2019! We can see why as the deck presents a wide variety of Touko’s hyper-real, hypermasculine style of queer erotic illustration. A favorite collaboration for the PrintNinja team!

The Tom of Finland Foundation


In Veggie Veritas

A vegetarian/vegan cookbook showing the simple way to a better lifestyle through food. One of PrintNinja’s numerous kickstarter success stories, creator Bjorn Lemmens showcases a stunning hardcover book with beautiful full-color photography to accompany plant-based dishes. It sure got some of the meat-eaters here at PrintNinja to crave some Shiitake dumplings with ginger-chili soy!

The In Veggie Veritas Kickstarter

Resources on Crowdfunding and Kickstarter

Crowdfunding can be overwhelming for first-time creators – that’s why we’ve put together a crowdfunding toolkit to help you plan, launch, and execute your campaign.

Kickstarter Marketing Basics–How to Drive Traffic to Your Campaign

Kickstarter crowdfunding funding campaigns operate on tight timelines, making it essential to be as prepared as possible before you hit “launch.” To maximize your chances of success, the vast majority of your marketing work should be completed far ahead of your launch date. Check out our guide on Kickstarter Marketing Basics to make sure your bases are covered.

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Determine Your Kickstarter Funding Goal

Totalling the final budget for your Kickstarter project can be a difficult task. Luckily, our years of experience in printing crowdfunding projects will demystify the process. To sort out the many variables in calculating your budget, check out our step by step guide, including our Kickstarter Calculator.

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Ideas for Rewarding Your Kickstarter Backers

A well-crafted set of reward tiers can send your kickstarter crowdfunding project to the next level. We analyzed the reward tiers of 20 different crowdfunded projects to see what strategies bring success. Check out our Kickstarter Backer Guide for data analysis, reward ideas, and ways to target your audience.

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