Two-piece Board Game Box

2 piece box

Two-Piece Box: Light vs. Heavyweight

We offer two material options for our two-piece board game box: lightweight and heavyweight. Our lightweight box is made from 1.5mm high density paperboard – the industry standard material. For boxes bigger than 8.5 x 8.5 inches, we recommend our heavyweight box material, which uses 2mm high-density paperboard. This thickness will give support and prevent buckling on larger games.

Magnetic BoxesMagnetic close box

Our magnetic closure box is made from 1.5mm high density paperboard (the same material as our two-piece boxes). The box’s design has a book flap that snaps in place with hidden magnets. Your design will be printed on paper and wrapped around the box, covering the magnets. While this option is more expensive than our standard two-piece box, it looks sleek and makes your game easier to open.

Thumb Cut

Thumb Cut Game Box Lid

Another way to make your box easier to open is two add a thumb cut. Thumb cuts are an eclipse the size of a fingertip cut into the box lids for easy removal. Adding thumb cuts are a small detail, but one that shows your customers you care about the functionality of your packaging as much as your game’s mechanics.

Organizing Insert

We suggest adding an organizing insert if your game has multiple types of cards. We offer two materials for our inserts: cardstock and plastic.Our 20pt. cardstock dividers come in 1-sided gloss and uncoated options. You can print on top of cardboard dividers to add a pop of color.

Alternatively, if your game has many pieces that are not cards, our vacuumed formed dividers are a great choice. These dividers can be molded to fit individual pieces such as dice, sand timers, and most odd shapes. Our plastic comes in black, white or clear. Plastic trays are an option when your order is over 2,000 units.

Organizing insert

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap

Shrink wrapping your two-piece boxes protects them from dust and tampering. We’ll assemble your game components inside your box before shrink wrapping your product. If you are planning to use a warehousing and fulfillment service we recommend adding shrink wrapping to protect your game from dirt and dust.

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