Spot Gloss For Board Games

Spot UV/Gloss Finish on Board Game

Spot gloss, also called spot UV, is a specialty option for your custom board game. It can be added to one of the many available finishes on your custom card game. Put simply, a specific area of your board game is covered in an uber-shiny coating. Spot gloss works best to emphasize logos, text, or a simple design. For optimal results, apply spot gloss to components with a matte finish so that the spot gloss can really stand out. To see an example of spot gloss in action, order a sample pack. 

How Does Spot Gloss Work?

Spot gloss is a clear varnish that can be applied to your printing project in specific areas. Similar to how ink is added to your project, the varnish is a liquid that is applied via a cylinder during the printing process. Afterward, the varnish is cured using a UV light, hence, spot UV. This option adds not only a reflective property to your project but also a textural component (it’s super shiny), drawing attention to a particular part of your project.

Glow in the Dark!

Glow in the Dark

A variation on a standard Spot UV is Glow in the Dark. Although this option looks almost exactly like the standard option in normal light, when exposed to bright light, that area will glow in dark conditions. To add Glow in the Dark Spot UV to your order request a custom quote.

This specialty option is available with:

  • Game Box
  • Game Board
  • Tokens
  • Tiles
  • Screens
  • Note Pads
  • Instruction Booklets

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