Custom Board Game Tokens

Our tokens pieces will make the perfect addition to your custom board game. Visit our custom board game calculator to get a budgetary quote, or order a sample pack.

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Custom Punch Out Tokens

Does the game you’re designing involve custom tokens? If so, our punch-out options could be an ideal addition to your project. Instead of receiving a series of tokens upon opening your game, your players get to experience punching them out of a pre-cut sheet when they open your game. This ensures all of the pieces are in one convenient location and allows your players to take an active role in game prep. Plus, the tokens will be in mint condition upon first opening the game instead of jostling about in the box.

Cost of Custom Game Tokens

While traditional game tokens like meeples and stones require wood, plastic or glass to make, punch out tokens remain the more cost-effective way of including these tokens for your board game. Greyboard, the material used to make our punch out tokens, is substantially cheaper, making these tokens a great alternative. Additionally, you could choose to have your tokens be one-sided, further reducing production cost.

Size of Custom Game Tokens

PrintNinja creates punch tokens by die-cutting large, high-density greyboard sheets. We therefore only need to know the size of the sheet to formulate a quote for your project. To determine the right sheet size for your needs, calculate how many tokens you’ll need, then make sure they can all fit on the requested size. Don’t forget to account for the size of your two-piece box: the sheet must be small enough to fit inside. After you’ve submitted this information and requested a quote, we’ll get in touch to discuss the specifics, including token sizes and quantity.

PrintNinja Tip
Some game designers like to include an empty bag in their game boxes so players have a safe place to store tokens after they’ve been punched out.

Material and Printing of Custom Game Tokens

The words “token” and “tile” are often used interchangeably, but these game pieces produce two different functions. While tokens usually serve as a resource (a game piece used to collect winnings, for instance), tiles actually assemble the playing surface, also referred to as the game board. They are also made from different materials: while tokens comprise high-density greyboard, tiles are made from high-density paperboard.

To produce your tokens, our operators wrap a sheet of high-density greyboard in printed paper. You can choose to have just one side of the sheet wrapped, leaving the backside of the tokens exposed, or cover both sides so players can use either side of the token. Then, the greyboard is die-cut with all of your requested shapes. This way, players can pop out your tokens with ease!

Specialty Token Options

Premium PrintNinja tokens

If you prefer to limit the assembly steps needed to set up your game, consider selecting our special pre-punched token option. With this option, players will open their games and find a series of pre-punched tokens inside, ready for use. We recommend including a bag or organizing insert to prevent tokens from floating around inside the game box.

Another specialty option is interlocking token pieces. Our die-cutting machine creates interlocking pieces, like those you’d find in a puzzle, allowing players to link pieces together.

Multiple Variants

Do you have different pieces of artwork you’d like to print on your custom board game tokens? No problem! Just let us know how many varieties of artwork you’re thinking of so we can plan accordingly. The greater the number of variants, the more printing plates we may need to create (this is also based on sheet size). We’re happy to produce many different types of tokens so players can enjoy the game exactly as you’ve envisioned it!

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