Custom Board Game File Setup

After prototyping your custom board, it’s time to move onto proofing. Before you send your artwork to PrintNinja, you must make sure you are formatting all of your files correctly. We print using the CMYK color profile, so remember to convert all your files from RGB to CMYK. This is a very important part of the printing process. If your art is formatted in RGB, it will only look exactly correct on a screen. CMYK or “Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key” is the color scheme that all professional print companies require when it comes to printing. That being said, our board game specialists are here to walk you through the process to make sure you have already done this.

4-Color Offset Printing

PrintNinja uses 4-color offset printing for custom pieces. This means that sometimes there can be a slight color variance in your CMYK print. If you are concerned about your colors turning out exactly the same with each print run we recommend using spot color ink. If your game has colors that absolutely need to be the same for each and every run, we offer the use of spot color ink. This will guarantee that your colors are uniform across runs.


Another important part of your custom board game file setup is your bleed and safe area lines. This must be provided in order for us to know the exact dimensions of your artwork. Bleed and Safe area lines also help us visualize where the artwork is supposed to go. By specifying where you want your artwork to end, it allows us to trim the material at the perfect spot. Our specialists will explain these lines in full as you work towards the proofing process. 


A lot of work goes into the setup process for your custom board game, but the same goes for anything else you are printing: card games, catalogs, and even books. It’s a similar process and it may seem like a lot of tedious work, but it ensures that your end product will result in perfection.

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